• Bob Dole

How Now Brown Cow. Yep, that's his real name.

A few years back while looking for a small ranch to purchase we acquired How Now, a pure-bred Texas Longhorn bull calf. Interestingly, my real estate agent also owns an exotic animal ranch--The WeKiWa Ranch. One day while visiting their ranch we noticed a real scrawny Longhorn calf. We mentioned it to my friends and they said it had been orphaned and would probably die in next few days. Knowing I am a Veterinarian--although not a large animal Veterinarian--they offered it to us. So the next morning off we went with a sedated Longhorn calf in the backseat.

After getting How Now settled into the backyard of my house in the city, we discovered he would not take milk replacement from a bottle, and had to tube fed him. After a few days he began to take his milk replacement from a turkey baster. Each morning he would wait at the door for his breakfast.

This lasted for quite awhile until he developed aspiration pneumonia from inhaling some of his meal. This, of course, required a trip in the to the "real" veterinarian in the back seat of the car. Dr Bugai prescribed him antibiotics and over a week or so, How Now began to recover.

Over the next four months, How Now lived in the backyard and the neighbors loved to come visit him.

Once he became strong enough we brought him to Redawg Ranch where he lives today. He remains a sweet affectionate Steer and loves to socialize with guests at the cabin. He is also a ham for the camera.

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